Knife Sharpening Service


Cookshop Plus offers a professional on-site sharpening service 7 days a week in Store and via Post.  We aim for a 24-48 hour turn around time because we know you don't want to be without your knives for long!

In Store sharpening: Our professionally trained team sharpen in store - we work on a 24-48hr turn around time. Note: During holidays and other busy periods, turn around time may increase to 72 hours (you will be advised at time of drop off)

Mail-In Sharpening Service: We aim to sharpen the knives the day we receive them and have them in the post back to you the following day.

*Note: The longest wait time will be 48 hours, in this case you will be notified at the time you drop off your knives or at time of payment for the mail-in service. 

Cost: Flat rate of $6 per knife / scissors


What types of blades can we sharpen?

We can sharpen most brands and styles of kitchen knives and scissors. Unfortunately we cannot sharpen serrated or ceramic knives. 


How do you know if you need your knives professionally Sharpened?

The truth is, if you think or feel they are dull then they most likely are! A simple test you can do is to find a round food with a slick surface e.g. a tomato, an onion with the peel attached, or a green apple. You should be able to easily cut into the surface by directing the knife with very little pressure. The knife should not roll off the slick surface. If you have to use a sawing motion or use the tip of the knife to pierce the flesh, your knife is too dull.


How to keep them sharp?

We are also happy to talk you through how to keep your newly sharpened knife honed and sharp. We have a large selection of honing tools that you can use at home to keep your edges sharp, as well as knife storage and cutting board options. If you have a honing steel or tool at home but not sure how to use it, feel free to bring it in and we can go through the process! 


Mail In Sharpening Service:

Please see below instructions and order sheet to be completed and shipped along with your knives.

Instructions for Mail-in Sharpening Service 

Mail-in Sharpening Service Order Form





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